Sometimes when I meander through a day, I feel like a tourist who yearns to peer into the cloud of consciousnesses hovering around the heads of the people that I pass. What isn’t she saying out loud? What does his face look like when no one else can see it?

 I just want to know other people, and I don’t trust them to convey their true selves to me on their own! But there really isn’t much I can do about that.

Here, two small characters converse in their own gesture-based communication system. You can’t see them or know what they are saying, and quite frankly, they don’t want you to. If you open their doors to get a peek, they’ll know, and they’ll stop until you leave them to their privacy. Though you do have the option of monitoring them via the security camera next door, just know that they don’t want you to see them. How do you feel about watching them without their permission?